Computers and peripherals

Computers and PeripheralsComputers and peripherals are the staples of all technology solutions.

We can meet all individual, educational as well as small and medium business needs.

Some of the common services we provide are as follows:


New System Setup & Clean up

We’ll make sure your computer has all of the latest updates and drivers. We’ll also remove any of the pre-installed trial software that typically gets installed with new computers that you don’t want. (Recovery media included) Delivery and installation at your place of business or residence is included.


Software Application Installation

We’ll install your program and configure it so it’s fully working on your system. We’ll also install any necessary updates and ensure that the application operates properly on your system.


Data Migration

Let us move all your files and folders from your old PC to your new PC and make them conveniently available for you. (Parts Extra)

From $59.00

Troubleshooting & Diagnostic

We’ll diagnose your system to determine what the problem is with it. Once we determine what the problem is, we’ll notify you on the costs associated with fixing the problem. Fee varies depending on the complexity of the system. This price is rolled into the repair cost if the repairs are done by us.



Component Install & Replacement

Upgrade your RAM, hard drive, optical drive or power supply. We’ll install, test and install drivers if needed. If a new hard drive is replacing a primary drive with OS, this service does not include installation/migration of an operating system of the new drive. The operating system and drivers is an additional $50 if done at the same time.

From $35.00

Virus, Spyware, Malware, Adaware Removal

Having problems with unexpected pop-up windows, unrecognized software running in the background or an internet browser that is acting up? To get your computer running back to normal, we’ll remove malicious programs and ensure your computer is virus-free again. (Includes Basic PC Checkup/Tuneup)


Basic PC Checkup/Tuneup

Computers, like cars, need a checkup/tune up. Let us tune up your computer for optimal performance.


Operating System (OS) Services

This service includes repairing an OS with problems or a complete reinstall of the OS back to a clean new state (all current information on the computer is lost). If data backup and restore is required, costs are additional.

From $89.00

Computer Cleaning/Dusting

Dust is bad for your computer components. We’ll clean the dust from inside your computer and check all of the fans to make sure they are working properly.


Case Replacement/Upgrade

Want a new look for your computer? We’ll remove all of your system components, install them into a new case, and test to ensure everything is working perfectly (does not include the cost of the new case).

From $75.00

Motherboard Replacement

Replacement of the motherboard with a new motherboard. Basic service includes installation and testing of hardware only. If you need the OS re-installed and data backed up and restored, an additional $99 fee will apply. 

From $59.00

Laptop Service

Whether you need a new screen, more RAM, bigger hard drive or new fans, we’ll replace the laptop part for you. Cost of the parts is not included in the service fee. 

From $69.00

Network Cable Install

 We will install/terminate and test each cable to meet or exceed expected data speeds.  All cable runs are lifetime guaranteed.


On Site Technical Services

 Our technicians will go to your house or place of business and fix the problem onsite. 

$75.00/Hour .5 Hour Min

Remote Service

Our technicians will log onto your computer from our offices minimizing down time.  At anytime you can break the connection or take over the session.  You can also watch what we do and learn as we go or leave the computer completely and get on with your day while we take care of the problem.

$75.00/Hour .25 Hour Min

Rush Service (End of Next Day)

 If you need your system back in a hurry, we’ll make it the top priority and ensure that the system is ready by the end of the next day, at the latest. In many cases, we may be even faster.


Rush Service (End of Second Day)

If you need faster service, but don’t need next day service, we can still move it up the queue and ensure that the system will be ready no later than the end of the 2nd day.



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